Libor Veis 
Group leader, J. Heyrovský Young Scientist fellow (2017)
Ph.D. in physical chemistry (Charles University, Prague), Quantum computing for chemistry
Post-doc with Örs Legeza (Wigner Research Center, Budapest), Density matrix renormalization group (DMRG)
Research interests: tensor network methods in quantum chemistry - development and application, main developer of MOLMPS (massively parallel quantum chemical DMRG program), quantum algorithms for application in chemistry

Jan Brandejs
Ph.D. student
MSc. in theoretical physics (Charles University, Prague)
Research interests: tensor network methods in quantum chemistry (co-developer of MOLMPS), development of tree tensor networks for quantum chemical applications, relativistic methods, quantum information and its relationship to chemical bond concepts

Pavel Beran
Ph.D. student
Ing. in computational chemistry (University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague)
Research interests: DMRG, perturbational post-DMRG methods (adiabatic connection techniques), DFT embedding, complex systems

Mikuláš Matoušek
Ph.D. student
MSc. in chemical physics (Charles University, Prague, supervised by L. Veis)
Research interests: DMRG, electronic structure of biologically relevant transition metal complexes, beyond-Born-Oppenheimer methods

  • Gergely Barcza (post-doc), now Wigner research centre for theoretical physics in Budapest (Hungary)
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